"Physically challenging and easy to follow."

I love yoga, but still consider myself a novice.  Terra’s class was perfect for me - not only did I feel comfortable and welcome, it was a great balance of being both physically challenging and easy to follow. I can’t wait for the next class!

- Liz


"She inspires each yogi to appreciate the silhouette of their human form."

I've practiced yoga for about six years, and I recently went back to Terra's class after a break. It was magical; I needed it. I had forgotten how good she was. Terra gifted me an hour free from the self-ridiculing chatter that I think punctuates many of our minds in the way of constantly living behind and ahead of our own stories. Terra has an extremely soothing presence, which I believe is foundational to one's ability to manifest a powerful and peaceful energy shift. Terra's class offers healing. She guides her practice with gentleness, freedom, and love; she encourages moving with your own breath, and practicing at a pace that is most beneficial to oneself. She inspires each yogi to appreciate the silhouette of their human form by creating a quiet space free from the sounds and judgments of the restless world that take shape through listening to and respecting one's own body.

- Hannah

"I have started to regain my inner strength & self awareness."

After suffering some physical injuries this past year, I was advised by my physical therapist to start yoga classes to help me regain my balance. I began classes a few weeks ago and find that Terra is an excellent yoga instructor. While attending yoga classes under Terra's guidance, I have not only started to regain my balance, but also my inner-strength and self awareness. I would strongly recommend attending any one of Terra's classes whether you are a beginner or more advanced. She is excellent at modifying and guiding one through all the disciplines needed for achieving ones goals.

- Diana


Terra always leads such rejuvenating yoga sessions. My very first yoga class ever was with Terra, and they have really taught me how to de-stress. Her relaxed classes really help me unwind and I always leave feeling great!

- Hing

"The rhythm and pacing of her classes has the perfect flow."

After many unsuccessful attempts to find a yoga class that felt right for me, Terra has been a great discovery. Her teaching style is both serene and cheerful, her ability to provide extra guidance very unobtrusively and gently, yet expertly, is wonderful, and the rhythm and pacing of her classes has the perfect flow. I always feel like I've had a great hour of meditation after one of her sessions. I'm over a year into a regular yoga practice after 10 years of failures thanks to her.

- Anna

Grace can be defined in 2 ways:

1. A refinement in movement

2. To honor someone by their presence.

Terra’s practice is the embodiment of these 2 concepts… (and it’s her middle name, which is so cool!)

- Reeves


So well done that you can easily practice with your eyes closed.

Yoga has been a regular part of my life for many years and with that I’ve experienced many different teachers. Terra is one of my favorites because her classes are thoughtfully orchestrated, and they flow effortlessly with accommodations for people of every ability and also allow for creativity. Terra’s instruction is easy to follow and she gives excellent visual cues, but what I love most is that her tempo and explanations are so well done that you can easily practice with your eyes closed and following the rhythm of your breath.

- Molly

Terra is an amazing person and an amazing teacher. I love her classes so much!!

- Sarah


Terra's classes are thoughtfully composed.

I always suggest friends take Terra's yoga classes. It doesn't matter whether I'm referring a beginner or a seasoned yogi. Terra's classes are thoughtfully composed and always enjoyable. She instructs clearly and provides opportunities to make poses and flows as gentle or as challenging as is personally needed. She cares deeply for each individual's needs and formats her class for all levels. In addition to these wonderful instructing attributes, Terra, as a person, is incredibly welcoming, positive and kind. It is a joy to practice with her. 

- Kelsey


Great energy, great vibes, welcoming heart and beautiful soul.

- Anya

Terra is very passionate and knowledgeable teacher. Her skills are seen through each unique class and her genuine love for yoga is expressed in the way she cares for each one of her students. She creates a safe space for beginners and creative energy for advanced practitioners.

                  - Nicole

Thank you very much for having Terra teach the morning yoga classes. She is a tremendous asset! She provides a kind, thoughtful, soothing presence to the class. Terra is patient & gifted at taking the class through the practice of yoga.

                  - Anonymous

Terra's classes inspired me to feel comfortable with my body no matter what.

Being athletic and then experiencing an injury that required me to take months off from regular exercise, I thought I would never get back into the great shape I was in before surgery. But Terra's classes inspired me to feel comfortable with my body no matter what. She is always encouraging, caring, and a great reminder to listen to our bodies and to love them for what they can do.

- Mariah


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