Schedule a private lesson to grow and expand your personal yoga practice. Your class will include everything you need: mats, props, music, aromatherapy, modifications or adjustments, and plenty of 1-on-1 time for questions. Perfect for students wanting to learn more about yoga, or for those working with specific injuries or illness. Enjoy the benefits of a well rounded physical practice focused on alignment and breath. Private class rates start at $75.



"I have started to regain my inner strength & self awareness."

After suffering some physical injuries this past year, I was advised by my physical therapist to start yoga classes to help me regain my balance. I began classes a few weeks ago and find that Terra is an excellent yoga instructor. While attending yoga classes under Terra's guidance, I have not only started to regain my balance, but also my inner-strength and self awareness. I would strongly recommend attending any one of Terra's classes whether you are a beginner or more advanced. She is excellent at modifying and guiding one through all the disciplines needed for achieving ones goals.

- Diana