Tips to make any yoga retreat AMAZING

Best travel tips for an amazing yoga retreat or teacher training

I frequently get asked about yoga retreats and teacher training's, so I put together a few tips to make the most out of your next yoga adventure!

1.     Speak up about your dietary needs and make sure they can accommodate you. Most places are great about making special meals for those who have allergies or restrictions, but it's best to double check before you arrive. Happy tummy= happy yogi!

2.     Let go of your expectations. Your retreat or training is probably going to be a little different than you imagined it to be! Stay open to new experiences, and give yourself permission to enjoy the mystery of the present moment. The tighter you hold to the idea of how you thought things were going to be, the more you set yourself up for potential disappointment. Appreciate the good and accept the imperfections. 

3.     Pack light! You don’t need to bring 30 different yoga outfits, you will probably end up wearing your favorite few items over and over again. That being said, be prepared for very cold and very warm weather just in case. It's better to have that extra pair of wool socks than end up frustrated by unexpected temperatures, especially if you are in a remote location where you might not be able to buy extra things you need.

4.     Bring a few small survival items, even if you don't use them someone else in your training will be grateful if you have extra to share. For example, pack Advil for super sore muscles, anti-itch cream for bug bites, Emergen-C in case you start to feel sick, peppermint tea for stomach issues, batteries for your flashlight, bug spray, band aids, sunscreen, aloe vera for sunburns, extra tampons, etc. You don't need to bring a whole pharmacy, but it's good to be ready for the unexpected!

5.     Get out of your comfort zone and make new friends. It can be easy to call your family or significant other every night because it feels familiar and easy, but try to make the most of your limited time with the retreat or training group. You might not get along with every personality, but you can learn just as much from your fellow participants as you can from your teacher. Spending quality time with your Sangha, your yoga community, gives you the opportunity to discuss and digest all the things you are learning about together. Laugh, cry and be fiercely real with these people, they were brought into your life for a reason. You might just have some new friends for life:)

I hope your next yoga trip takes you on a wonderful journey deeper into your yoga practice. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions about your retreat or teacher training!